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The attorney at Beverly Law gets RESULTS! Within the first month they settled my case for $100,000. I now have peace of mind.

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Beverly Law got me $200,000 for the injuries I had. They were always responsive to my phone calls & very aggressive with the insurance company. G*d Bless you!

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Insurance companies FEAR Beverly Law! I initially got an offer of $1k. After Beverly Law got involved it went up to $10k. These guys rock!

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If there was an AGGRESSIVE attorney, it's Beverly Law! They are very rough with the insurance companies.

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My friends hired another attorney & got worse results than me. Good luck to you if you DON'T hire Beverly Law!

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Dear Prospective Client,

Beverly Law Firm is one of the most respected personal injury law firms and personal injury attorneys in California and has personal injury attorneys in CA who ensure that you will get excellent legal help and maximum compensation for your personal injury.

What will you get from us?

  • Experience and expertise of personal injury lawyer in California.
  • Manage your personal injury claim effectively.
  • High level legal service guaranteed.
  • Gain full and quick financial compensation.
  • No Up Front Cost Until We Win Your Case!.
  • 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week service to you!.
  • Network of doctors who will treat you for no cost upfront.

Our personal injury attorneys CA can help you in filing a personal injury claim according to the legal rules and regulations of the State of California.

Personal injury claims are more complicated in nature. If you’re planning to file a personal injury claim, be sure that you have a personal injury lawyer in California who is experienced in personal injury law.

Contact Beverly Law Firm to find an expert personal injury lawyer CA who has dealt with similar personal injury cases to yours.


Michael Shemtoub, Bankruptcy Attorney in California


Client Review:

When I first contacted Beverly Law I didn't feel that bad, but the day after the car accident I couldn't move!  I lost two weeks of pay from my employer, LAUSD.

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